I am a cognitive neuroscientist with interdisciplinary training spanning psychology, neurology, and child development. Currently I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at SUNY Geneseo. In my work I take an engaged scholarship perspective, and aim for balance and synergy across scholarship, teaching, and mentoring. Each of these relies on and feeds back to strengthen the others. Further, the community is the context in which this work takes place, and thus I emphasize engaging the community whenever possible and making my research and teaching relevant to the public interest. I received my PhD in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Iowa in 2011 under the direction of neuropsychologist Dan Tranel, and was a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Koraly Edgar-Perez's Cognition, Affect, and Temperament Lab (CAT Lab) at Penn State. I worked an Adjunct Instructor at the University at Buffalo prior to joining Geneseo. I also received an MA in Philosophy as a Brain and Behavior Fellow at Georgia State University. I enjoy watching movies with my family, playing hockey, biking, hiking, camping, cooking, and traveling.