Throughout my career students have been centrally involved in my research. Any students interested in doing research with me or in meeting to talk about their plans please get in touch (contact info). I look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some of the undergraduates I have mentored (and their subsequent positions):

2012-2016 at Penn State

  • Alysha Gilmore
  • Alice Polonski
  • Chris Frazzette (applying for medical school)
  • Kirstie Herb (post-bacc. RA, Drexel)
  • Sydney Risley (post-bacc. RA, PSU)
  • Jenna Haven
  • Renee Abney
  • Ami Patel
  • Kelly Berthold

2008-2011 at Iowa

  • Pierce Edmiston (PhD student, UW Madison)
  • Heather Robinson (PhD student, Iowa)
  • Lucas Connor
  • Beyon Miloyan (PhD student, Queensland)
  • Ali Mohammed (MD student)
  • Katia González (OT)
  • José Rodriguez Cardona (MD student)

Some mentoring resources: